Reiki Healing With ReikiSetGo

A beloved friend of mine has been trying to talk me into getting a reiki healing session with her. I was hesitant for a while – that’s a surprise- coming from a person who’s into astrology, tarot, and all that stuff. To be honest, I was afraid of having a friend “read” me because of the weight I carry. I didn’t want her to take a peek and discover the murky water that’s flowing in my inner river. Lol. I was also scared of hearing about my future – little did I know that that’s not how reiki healing works!

After researching a bit about Reiki, I finally scheduled a weeknight session with my friend. My friend requested me to not have any alcohol intake prior to the session. Before we started, I was asked to place myself in a comfortable position. Better if there was no distraction, so I placed my phone on silent. My friend sent me the instructions through Whatsapp a few minutes before the actual thing. We had to do distancing while reiki healing – which was pretty cool.

During the healing, I closed my eyes the minute our timer started. I would always have a hard time meditating because of random thoughts creeping up my mind. But for this, I was asked to focus on the light. And indeed I saw a flickering light that was between my brows! Then, it went down to my chin and throat area, all the way to my feet. I just followed my focus to where the light went. My left hand and leg felt weird pressure – as if someone was trying to massage those areas really really hard. The whole time I was ‘meditating’, I felt like I was lying down on a water bed – floating while following a tiny ray of light going to different spots of my body. I wasn’t sure if I was awake, asleep, or if I was in a trippy state.

30 minutes after the meditation, my timer alarm went off. My friend called me right away to ask what I felt during the whole meditation, and then she started explaining the things that she healed from me during the process, and what her visions/impressions were. She told me impressions per chakra, and healed different things from them. While my friend was reading each one, I freaked out! Her impressions were mostly about things that are currently happening in my life, but they’re just sitting at the farthest corner of my mind waiting for me to notice. There were a couple of things as well that were based on past experiences. Most of these impressions are the things that have been holding me back for so long – ugly experiences that resulted to self-doubt and demotivation, unrealized self-worth, and fake friends. My friend sent me a lot of different healing energies so that I can set myself free from all the negative things and just focus on self-actualization and love.

After the whole explanation, my friend mentioned that the negative energies will come out and be expelled from my body thru headache, vomiting, and LBM. Well, I am pleased to tell you that no vomiting or bowel problems occured lol! I did experience migraine-level headaches for a couple of days.

It’s been weeks since after my healing session, and I’m glad I took that step. I now see it as an important tool that provides clarity in your current state, and gives you that space to meditate and be in a cool funky state. The healing helped me let go of bad things and people in my life, and overcome challenges that hinder me from achieving the things that are meant for me. It has also helped me reconnect with my self and listen to myself more – and damn it feels so good.

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