Last Birthday As A Single Girl

March 29, 2019

Every girl in this world has a dream engagement ring and wedding. Teenagers (or even tweens) would dream of their own version of their Prince Charming, proposing to them with a 3-carat round brilliant cut diamond ring, and then walking down the aisle wearing a sweetheart cut lace gown in a church filled with tulips. Yep, each girl was that specific – except for me! I grew up…


I Used To Listen To Up Dharma Down

February 20, 2017

  I used to listen to Up Dharma Down. I was in high school, when a friend of mine told me to listen to Oo. “Pakinggan mo…” she said. “Tagos sa buto.” She handed me the left earphone and started playing the song on her 4th gen iPod classic. As I was listening and getting a hang of the rhythm, the girl vocalist dropped these lines: ‘Di mo…


Black Dog

February 23, 2016

At home, I have three Pomeranian dogs that my parents actually consider as my siblings. They are well-taken care of – their meals consist of quality food, they sleep on the bed, they get regular check-ups at the vet, they get a ‘massage’ every night, and the list goes on and on. Everyone in the family loves them dearly. Though at times they get super rowdy, we just laugh off…

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