First Look: Derm.ing Solutions

April 22, 2019

Summer is definitely here and we’re feeling the hot weather take a toll on our skin. I’m on the lookout for products that’ll prevent cracking and developing dry patches – because we don’t want that showing up on our selfies. Recently I was able to try Derm.ing Solutions, a local brand that offers skin care products made with high-quality ingredients that cater to different skin needs. Derm.ing Solutions…


Last Minute Christmas Gift – The Body Shop

December 24, 2018

It’s a few hours before Christmas, and I know everyone’s busy preparing gifts and food for Noche Buena! If you still have some names on your list that you haven’t crossed out yet, The Body Shop can save you from the mind grueling task of choosing gifts. Don’t know what exactly to give? Here are some of the holiday items that you can choose from: Olivia The Owl…

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